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We are looking for individuals who are ready to help people who are less fortunate and bring their ideas to help give them a voice. This can include anything from as simple as bring them goodies and essentials.

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We are looking for individuals who are ready to help people who are less fortunate and bring their ideas to help give them a voice. This can include anything from as simple as bring them goodies and essentials.

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  • There is a famous saying that money makes the world go round. With the insatiable needs of man, a job might not enough to make his world go round. Therefore, apart from regular jobs, many people look for a side hustle that keeps bringing money. What is a side hustle? A side hustle is an additional job you do to supplement your income. Most of the time, it is not a full-time job. A side hustle is a flexible job that you can do in your free time. The time range can be between 1 and 4 hours, depending on your choice and the nature of the work.

    How To Make Extra Money

    Rich men don't become rich from just one source of income. Most times, they have multiple sources of income that accrue to their account every month. Aside from your regular job, you can make $1000 per month. It is easy and achievable, depending on your availability. However, you will need to have at least two or three side hustles to achieve this feat. We have explained 5 of the best side hustles, some of the best ways to make money in Canada.

    1. Blogging

    A blog is a website that supplies information to people about a particular subject matter. It allows the audience to interact with the host and one another. The blogger posts articles and the audience give their opinion and discuss with one another through comments. A blog allows you to reach a large audience. As such, it is an opportunity to start an affiliate marketing and advertisements that can fetch you money considering the response. As an affiliate marketer, you stand a chance to receive a commission from the total goods sold through your marketing. The seller of the goods will pay the commission. As regard ads, advertisers reward you based on the rate of impression, clicks or at a flat rate depending on the agreement of the advertiser and the publisher. There is a tendency to make at least $500 or more from blogging if managed effectively.

    2. Freelance

    Freelancing allows you to sell your abilities to an employer without a long term contract. You offer them services depending on your ability, and you get paid for the service rendered. As a freelancer, you can render services like Article writing, Proofreading, Translation, Resume writing, Logo design, E-book creation, and many other gigs. You are allowed to set your price, which can range between $5- $100 depending on your effectiveness. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, 99 designs, and Freelancer are best for freelancing. They offer you the opportunity to market your skills and get paid for services rendered. Picture Of how to make money in Canada

    3. Online Tutorial

    No knowledge is wasted.  You should be able to get money from your understanding of a particular thing. The essence of knowledge is to gain from it. Therefore, if you have vast knowledge about any course or subject, you can start an online tutorial where you take time to explain the course's concepts and proffer solutions to likely problems in it. A lot of students have the problem of understanding in class. As a result, they go online to search for a better explanation of what is taught in class. Professionals that need more ideas on their profession also take online courses to boost their knowledge. It is an easy job as you can record your teaching anytime and post for people to access. The pay can be between $20 and $100 per project. Websites like Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable offer you the opportunity of giving online tutorials. They help connect you to your audience and as well take a percentage of the sale as prescribed by them.

    4. Part-Time Driving

    Driving can also be a side hustle. It doesn't need to be a full time driving.  You can always make use of your free time or weekends. Driving for a period of 4 hours to 6 hours can fetch you good pay. Uber, a famous ride-sharing company, can offer you a driving job. You must have a vehicle and a driver's license to qualify. However, you bear the cost of damage if anything happens to the car while in use. This hustle allows you to make good money as you can make up to 20 dollars per hour. Therefore, with consistency, one can easily make $1000 or more before the end of the month.

    5. Rent Out Your Car

    It is one of the easiest side hustle anyone can do. You can be in your office, and your car will be on the streets, fetching money for you. It comes with no stress at all and still gets you good pay. So, instead of parking your car at the office's garage while you are inside for 8 hours or more, you can offer your car for rent and make cool cash effortlessly. Living in an environment with high traffic is an added advantage in Car Rental. It increases your chance of making money. Turo offers you the opportunity to rent your car to them while they use it for driving and pay you as well. Interestingly, they bear the cost of any damage that happens to the vehicle during its usage. This guarantee assures you that your car is in safe hands. Car rental is easy and lucrative as you earn the chance to make up to $500 a week. It will be a great addition to your salary at the end of the month.


    There are so many ways to make money in Canada, depending on your choice and availability. Aside from those mentioned above, you can also opt for hustles like giving tours, selling crafts, taking online surveys, selling products online, and others....

  • It is a common practice for big companies to bully small companies and startups. To most people, it might not seem like a big deal. Since the start of business, the system has been designed such that those with more money get ahead easily. However, when you look at the fact that this oppression puts pressure on low-income communities,  it becomes a sad situation.

    Why You Should Support Black Businesses in Oakland 

    Picture Of Oakland Going down memory lane, Oakland got its fair share of its black population during the great migration. This was sometime around the 19th century when black folks moved in from around the South. This migration resulted in a community of black people with businesses, blue scene clubs, as well as a jazz culture. On its own, these businesses are a source of pride to many members of the Oakland community irrespective of their skin color. Just like in most low-income communities, the historic residents of Oakland are being forced out of their residence by the day. The cost of rent for buildings is beginning to skydive, making it impossible for the locals to find affordable homes. Basic commodities, also like coffee, are also getting expensive. The local historic black community is gradually forced to leave while they're replaced with rich new people. The truth that we fail to see most times alongside these big companies is that diversity is good for the economy. It builds economic vitality and resilience while promoting productivity and uplifting low-end communities at the same time. A truly green economy sustained over time is one that has an inclusion of all irrespective of who they are.

    How To Support Oakland Black Businesses

    Picture Of Businesses In Oakland When you think about how to support Oakland black businesses, it is normal to think of a donation. While you can support black businesses with your donations, there are other ways you can show support without necessarily donating funds. Here are a few of them;

    1. Writing Online Reviews

    Things are getting very easy by the day, all thanks to the internet and good smartphones. People can get services from the comfort of their homes using a computer or even their phones. It is said that about 84% of Americans are likely to believe online reviews the same way they would accept reviews and recommendations from their friends. For the black business community in Oakland, leveraging on this could result in better patronage. To start with, most of these businesses now have websites or social media pages that allow you to drop comments on customer satisfaction(testimonials). For instance, after taking coffee from a black-owned café, you can proceed to write a thoughtful review on their website or social media. You could also do the same for services. After you have had your house painting done by one of the black Oakland painters available, you can go ahead and write a review as well. In cases where there are no websites or social media platforms, you can write your reviews on Google reviews or Yelp.

    2. Try Not to Expect Discounts

    It is a usual thing for most people to expect that products from black people should either be cheap or should come with discounts. The highlight of this value bias is seen when we all buy smartphones. We do not question the prices. Instead, we go-ahead to save up and buy because we believe that the quality and the value of the product are about the same. Unfortunately, many of us go into black-owned stores, expecting that their products or services should be cheaper on the grounds of racial familiarity and value bias. To show proper support for black-owned businesses, you must see value in their products and be willing to pay for the value just like you would anywhere else. You should understand that black businesses don’t mean low quality. Except given, do not expect a discount or demand for one.

    3. Make Good Use of Social Media

    Social media has become one of the best advertising platforms for any business since the introduction of Facebook in 2004. Showing your support via social media engagements is the easiest of all the options you have to support black businesses. All you need is a mobile phone or computer, internet connection, and a social media account. First, you should follow or like the social media accounts of the business you wish to show your support. This would give you access to see what they are posting at any given time. You can easily share with your friends on your page in case of special events when they post them. This will go a long way in advertising the business with people around you.

    4. Organize Local Events

    Everyone knows that the key to getting more customers in any kind of business is networking. If you are seeking out ways to support black businesses in Oakland, organizing an event would be your best shot at it. While other methods would only help you support one business at once, an event would cut across as many businesses in the environment as possible. You would need to come up with an idea for a local event that could be in the form of a book signing by local black authors. You could also tailor your events to fall on special black holidays like the Kwanza while making sure that a majority of black business owners around you attend the event. The big idea here is that you get to bring together vendors and their prospective customers in an atmosphere of fun. As they mingle and network, the customers won't forget the fun they have and ultimately would call back the vendors whenever they need their services.


    It is said that blacks are the most influential consumer demographic in the United States. Even at that, a majority of these black communities still suffer a high rate of unemployment and poverty as opposed to other racial groups. As we all clamor that black lives matter, we must also show support for black businesses knowing that without them black communities may not thrive....

  • Black women singers have conquered every genre of music with remarkable talent and gifted voices. They have made their names by mastering their skills and taking the audience by surprise with their voices, ever since they stepped inside the music industry. Here is a list of the best black female singers that have inarguably won our hearts every time they sang.

    Whitney Houston

    The black music history is incomplete without the mention of Whitney Houston. She had one of the most iconic voices in the 20th century and sold millions of albums and songs. She enjoyed making music every day in her 30 years of a professional career. It would be foolish to miss her name while mentioning the list of best female singers.

    Aretha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin was the Queen of Soul during her career who is still remembered for her music. She was one of the women pioneers in the best singing category. Her entire career lasted for more than 50 years.  She still remains the prodigy in black women music with her evergreen songs.

    Nancy Wilson

    Nancy Wilson was an underrated singer who soon discovered her strength in jazz music. Her sexy vocals brought her fans from around the world and made her one of the best singers in multiple genres, including soul and jazz. She was an icon to many for her elegant and classy lifestyle and her talent in transcending music genres.

    Dionne Warwick

    Dionne Warwick is often recalled as the Whitney Houston of the 60s, but she very well deserved her own recognition in this title. She made some of the most memorable hits while she works with Burt Bacharach and made songs like I Say a Litte Prayer, Walk on By, etc.

    Natalie Cole

    Natalie Cole was a multi-talented singer who made music in jazz, soul, and standards. He also had a number of songs in Latin music which added to her fame. Her poor relationships and troubled past never stopped her from showing her incredible talent. She may have the best range in the voice among all the women in the list.

    Patti LaBelle

    Patti LaBelle Patti LaBelle was a natural singer and preferred singing while by surrounded by her fans rather than following any rules. She loved her freedom of singing her heart out anywhere she could which made her a public celebrity who lived her life in her music career.

    Sarah Vaughn

    Sarah Vaughn was known to have an incredible range that she could sing like a man and bridge a baritone key into a soprano without a sweat. She had a lovable jazzy style and a warm, entertaining voice. She might just be one of her kind in the world.


    Rihanna is a next-gen sensation who is known for embracing multiple music genres. She has received millions of grossing on her singles and have worked with the best artists of this generation to become a world-known celebrity only because of her unique voice....