Leaving the black church, and gaining a humanist mission

Tagged: activism / atheism / Christianity / diversity / humanism

Writer and activist Sincere Kirabo, social justice coordinator for the American Humanist Association, talks to Interfaith Voices about humanism, race, and religion in the Black community:

Sincere Kirabo was raised Pentecostal and, by his early twenties, was a fervent believer who became a born-again Christian. But that started to change after he saw "The Da Vinci Code." While the movie is fiction, Kirabo says it got him to question his beliefs for the first time in his life. Through a slow process over many years, he came to identify as an atheist. But Kirabo tells us that when some black Americans leave the historically black Protestant tradition, they're also leaving behind a tight-knit community and decades of history. He says he wants to help other non-believers to find a new home by helping establish the new Black Humanist Alliance.

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