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Dauv Evans on Life After God podcast: Emancipation of a Black Atheist

Ryan Bell interviews Dauv Evans, author of Emancipation of a Black Atheist, about his "deconversion" and his inspiration to write a book about religion and atheism in the Black community.

Alix Jules on The Thinking Atheist: Religion and Race in the Year of Donald Trump

In this one-hour video interview, Seth Andrews from The Thinking Atheist talks to AAH Advisor Alix Jules about religion, race, politics, and representation.

Alix Jules and Bridgett “Bria” Crutchfield: Black and Atheist? You are not alone.

Alix Jules (Dallas – Ft. Worth Coalition of Reason, Black Nonbelievers of Dallas) and Bria Crutchfield (Minority Atheists of Michigan) in a Google hangout conversation about "what it means to be black in America and what it means to be black in a movement that prides itself on open mindedness and reason."

Sikivu Hutchinson: Straight to Hell: Christian Fascism & Americana

AAH advisor Sikivu Hutchinson presents at the North Texas Secular Convention in Dallas, February 8, 2013.

Bridget Gaudette: The Black Atheist Experience

Bridget Gaudette discusses her path to nonbelief and her experience as a black atheist at Reasonfest 2013 at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Anthony Pinn: Racial Diversity and/in Our Fight Against Theism

AAH advisor Anthony Pinn ties his personal history to the secular movement's need for racial diversity, at Skepticon 5 in 2012.

Extended Interview - Mark D. Hatcher

Mark D. Hatcher shares his story.

Extended Interview - Kimberly Veal

Kimberly Veal shares her story.

Extended Interview - Leighann Lord

Leighann Lord shares her story.

Extended Interview - Alix Jules

Alix Jules shares his story.

“We Are AAH” Campaign Video

Doubts about religion? You're one of many.