Day of Solidarity: Join African Americans for Humanism–DC

The February 2013 meeting of African Americans for Humanism–DC (AAH–DC) celebrates Black History Month and the 3rd Annual Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers.

The 2013 Black History Month theme is “At the Cross Roads of Freedom and Equality: The Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington”. The year 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of the March. For more information about the theme and related events please go to the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

The celebration of a Day of Solidarity is the idea of Donald Wright, the author of The Only Prayer I’ll Ever Pray: Let My People Go and a member of Humanists of Houston. In keeping with Don’s idea of an informal gathering, the AAH–DC celebration will be an opportunity to meet, eat, drink, talk and listen to each other. The menu and prices can be found at the Austin Grill Penn Quarter’s site.

Celebrated nationwide on the last Sunday of Black History Month, the Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers (DoS) is held to promote community and solidarity among blacks in America who identify as non-believers: atheists,agnostics, skeptics, freethinkers, etc. The DoS was organized as a way to counter the religious voice that all too often serves as the lone voice of black consciousness and experience.

For more information visit the Meetup site.