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What does it mean to be "Women in Secularism?"

Women are increasingly living religion-free lives and embodying the values of humanism and skepticism in their activism and professional work.

"Secularism" also refers to the secular movement, which fights against religious oppression and advocates for women's rights around the world, and where women's voices and leadership are at the forefront of a broader, more inclusive movement.

This fourth Women in Secularism conference brings together a diverse lineup of speakers to address what it means to be a “woman in secularism”—not just in theory, but in practice. Speakers will address not only the progress that has been made, but also the many challenges that still lie ahead.

How can we fight back against the intrusion of religious dogma on women's lives, from anti-abortion legislation to the violent threats against religious dissidents?

What is the role of "safe spaces" in a movement that highly values free expression?

What can we learn from other social movements to more effectively advance the cause of secularism?

Speakers include AAH director Debbie Goddard, Black Lives Matter organizer Johnetta "Netta" Elzie, feminist writer and intersectional activist Soraya Chemaly, and more.

Be a part of this important conversation.

Join us September 23–25, 2016 in Arlington, VA, just outside of Washington, DC. Go to the Women in Secularism 4 website for more information and to register.