AAH is Pleased to Cosponsor the “Moving Social Justice Conference” Oct. 11-12 in Los Angeles

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On October 11–12, 2014 Black Skeptics' People of Color Beyond Faith network will host a social justice and humanism conference at CFI Los Angeles, sponsored by AAH, the Secular Student Alliance, the Center for Inquiry, the Youth Justice Coalition and L.A. Progressive.

Neither organized atheism nor humanism have ever addressed social, economic, gender and racial justice from the perspective of communities of color.

Going beyond the narrow scope of “atheist=good” versus “religion=bad”, the conference will feature panels, presentations and strategy sessions on the following issues:

  • What political voice should people of color non-believers have in a national and global context in which the racial wealth gap has become gargantuan, increasing numbers of Black and Latino youth are being imprisoned and fewer have access to a college education?
  • What coalition-building needs to be done between activist non-believers of color and progressive faith institutions in our communities?
  • How can the under-represented issues of queer and LGBTQ youth of color (who have the highest rates of homelessness in the U.S.) be addressed beyond mainstream single variable paradigms of “coming out” and same sex marriage?
  • What does a humanist feminist of color agenda look like given the European American feminist orientation of most freethought scholarship and activism in the U.S.?
  • How can atheists of color effectively challenge homophobia and transphobia in the Black Church and other faith institutions?
  • What is the connection between economic justice, community development and culturally relevant humanism?

Moving Social Justice flyer

Please go to http://freethoughtblogs.com/blackskeptics/2014/03/20/moving-social-justice-conference-october-14-cfi-los-angeles/ , or contact blackskeptics@gmail.com with any questions or if your organization is interested in participating.