2015 Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers

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Since January 2011, the fourth Sunday in February has been designated as the National Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers. February 22, 2015 will mark the fifth Anniversary of this special and unique celebration to encourage individuals that have chosen to experience life without the influence and practice of a religion to seek fellowship with others, especially black people that are reluctant about openly sharing their non-religious status.

Black culture in the United States is overwhelmingly awash in religion, primarily Christianity, and black people that are self-identified as atheists, agnostics, humanists, secularists, skeptics, or freethinkers can feel isolated, lonely, and possibly ostracized by family and friends. A community that shuns the idea of not believing in God and/or Jesus can be difficult for non-believers to navigate. With this in mind, the Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers was created and will take place each year on the fourth Sunday in February, Black History Month, and will continue until religion is no longer a dominant voice of American consciousness, especially in the black community. On this day we encourage a conversation to discuss the lives of historical black non-believers and to promote community activism while sharing our personal journey. Each of us has a story to tell.

CFI–Harlem/Harlem Humanists celebrate 2012 Day of Solidarity in NYC

We appreciate your support. Tell your friends, family, and share this with the leaders of every secular organization across the country and the world. Organize an event in your city, town, or community. It can be as simple as having a conversation over a cup of coffee. There are still many that need to know they are not alone. Rational thinking and factual evidence should be our guide, not mysticism, beliefs, and blind faith.

For more information check out the Day of Solidarity Facebook page and help us make the 2015 Day of Solidarity awesome!

Come Out & Join In,

Donald R. Wright
Houston, TX
Founder and Organizer, Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers

Note: Let AAH know if you're hosting an event! And check out other DOS events taking place across North America.